ISO standaard identificatie-temperature transponder

Safe time and money!

Reliable identification of animals during long-term studies is important to guarantee the integrity of the data.

The ISO standard integrated identification-temperature transponder not only ensures this, but is also a cost-effective solution because, in addition to identification, the registration of the temperature is standard integrated in the transponder. This saves both time and money!

Because the data complies with ISO standard 11784, the transponders can be read with the most common readers.

Save time and money!


  • Microchip 2,12x12mm
  • ISO 11784 / 11785
  • FDX-B standard
  • Blue tooth
  • Packaged inside a syringe applicator
  • Barcode stick with microchip code
  • Passive transponder with no internal power supply. This allows the size to be minimized.
  • Each transponder has a unique and universal identification number.
  • Supplied in a sterile package.
UNO ISO standard ID-temperature transponder
Ordering number150000647SB
Syringe applicatorshort needle
PackagingSmall box: 10 transponders, sterile, individually packed.
Ordering quantity (#1)1 - 39 boxes
UNO ISO standard ID-temperature transponder
Ordering number150000647LB
Syringe applicatorshort needle
PackagingLarge box: 400 transponders, sterile, individually packed.
Graduated pricing (#1)1 box (400 transponders)
2 - 5 boxes (800 - 2000 transponders)
6 - 12 boxes (2400 - 4800 transponders)
13 - 23 boxes (5200 - 9200 transponders)
24 boxes (9600 transponders = pallet)
UNO ISO standard ID-temperature transponder
Ordering number150000747TR
Syringe applicatorshort needle
PackagingTray: 25 transponders, sterile, tray packed.
Ordering quantity (#1)1 - 39 boxes
UNO ISO standard ID-temperature transponder
Ordering number150000747BX
Syringe applicatorshort needle
PackagingBox with 40 trays: 1000 transponders, sterile, tray packed.
Graduated pricing (#1)1 - 4 boxes (1000 - 4000 transponders)
5 - 7 boxes (5000 - 7000 transponders)
8 boxes (8000 transponders = pallet)

#1 larger quantities are subject to special offers on demand

UNO ISO transponder reader
Ordering number155300001
Size (LxWxH)165x80x28mm
Lengthened antenna⌀10mm 170mm
Connectionblue tooth
DataISO standard 11784

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Syringe applicator
UNO ISO standard transponder reader
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