The UNO retraction systems are a new standard of procedural control. The fully integrated procedural and stabiliza- tion system provides precisely controlled retraction at the operative site. The retraction system allows researchers to operate independently, eliminating the requirement for an assistant or improvised assistive devices.

UNO Retraction System

Complet Retraction Sets

UNO Retraction System

The system removes the complexities and distractions of improvised set-ups, allowing the researcher to focus full attention on the surgical procedure:

    • Eliminates the need for an assistant
    • Reduces setup and procedure time
    • Provides superior control
    • Improves visualization
UNO Retraction SystemMouseRat
Ordering number180000056180000055
Complet set, containingMouse Table, 6x Magnetic Fixator (3cm) with Spring Lock, 10x Retractor wire (10cm), 10x System Elastomer (2 meter rol), assortment 10x Retractor Tips (2 of each style)Rat Table, 6x Magnetic Fixator (6cm) with Spring Lock, 10x Retractor wire (14cm), 10x System Elastomer (2 meter rol), assortment 10x Retractor Tips (2 of each style)

Retraction Accessoires

UNO Retraction AccessoiresOrdering number
Retractor Tip Sharp - 1mm (10 per pack)ACD-009
Retractor Tip Blunt - 1mm (10 per pack)ACD-010
Retractor Tip Sharp - 2,5mm (10 per pack)ACD-011
Retractor Tip Sharp - 5mm (10 per pack)ACD-012
Retractor Tip Sharp - 7,5mm (10 per pack)ACD-013
Retractor Tip Sample Package (2 each style, 5 sizes per pack)ACD-013
Retractor Wire 10cm (10 per pack)ACD-005
Retractor Wire 14cm (10 per pack)ACD-006
Retractor Elastometer (2 meter rol)ACD-007
Magnetic Fixator with Spring Lock 3cm tall, two locking jawsACD-001
Magnetic Fixator with Spring Lock 6cm tall, four locking jawsACD-002
Mous Table 20 x 30cm With 13x10cm windowACD-003
Rat Table 25 x 35cm With 13x10cm windowACD-004
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Standard Assortment:

What is the easiest way to order standard products?
The easiest way for ordering is calling us. Often, we can give you a tailor made advise, which will save you time and money. We send you the confirmation by E-mail.
Does UNO have all standard products in stock?
Yes, all our standard products are on stock for fast delivery.
Are products only delivered from Zevenaar?
Our warehouse is in Zevenaar, and we can have your urgent delivery through most of Europe by next day or 2day express delivery.
How long is the average production time if something is not in stock?
This depends on the kind of product.
In general, non-stock products or very large volumes can take 12 to 16 weeks delivery.

Customized products will take about 12-16 weeks production after agreement on the design.

Sterile infusion materials and jackets mostly take around 2-3 weeks delivery time.

The expected delivery times are always communicated to you, either in the quotation or in the order confirmation.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping can be arranged by the customer or by UNO. We have very excellent international operating logistic partners with competitive rates to get your orders asap on your doorstep.

Small packages are generally sent with Fedex/TNT.

Shipping costs are mentioned on the invoice, proof of costs are available on request.

Orders with a value ≥ € 500, --, are shipped within the Netherlands free of charge.

Customized Products:

What are customized products?
Customized products are products which are specially designed and manufactured for customers on their specifications. This starts with an intake of needs and specs, which results in a designed solution and sometimes also a prototype.
How can In order a customized product?
Just give us a call. We will have a meeting or pay you a visit to discuss the needs and to seek a solution.
What is the average lead-time for customization?
This is depending on the complexity of the design, availability of components and the assembly. This can take 2 months up to 6 months.
For custom infusion products the lead-times vary from 2,5 to 5 weeks.
Who is the design owner of the customized product?
UNO is the owner of the design details, unless UNO sells the complete design and tooling for the components to the customer. The customer will always receive the 3D design. One-off specials will not be shared with other customers. Also designs and related information with sensitive or company related details will not be shared with other. In those cases, we often have a NDA with the customer.
If I come up with a very special feature, can I then have exclusive rights?
Yes, these things will be arranged in an NDA. In this case the design will always be exclusive to you.

Turnkey Projects:

What is a turnkey project?
A turnkey project is a special custom-made product, system or facility, which is ready to use after delivery, installation, commissioning and instruction.
What are the advantages of turnkey project?
The advantage of turnkey is the fact your system or facility is tested and ready to use. Your staff is trained and instructed.
What is included in turnkey project?
The design with all the specs as agreed in the quotation and the order confirmation and all agreed revisions during the project.
What measures do you take to protect intellectual property?
Protection of intellectual property is always an issue. We have legal measures with suppliers, employees and other parties. We have protocols in sharing information and design details and in what way this is done.


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